Environmental Effects of Dam Failures

Environmental Impacts of Lake Lenthall Automated Crest Gate Failure in Hervey Bay Queensland Australia

In February and June 2008 the failure of the dam Crest Gates and the failure of their automatic operation not only endangered lives but caused adverse enviornmental effects on the natural environment. The Wongi Waterholes were meant to be protected as part of Wide Bay Water Corporation Interium Water Resources Operators Licence and as part in the Development Permit for the construction and raising of Lake Lenthall or Lenthals Dam. The Crest gates were to ensure that there was no flooding upstream, but through the automated gate failure upstream flooding occured and there conserquential flooding and innudation of the Wongi Waterholes. This innudation was not short term. Please refer to the reports below which show images of the impacts of the Wongi Waterholes innudation.

In Wongi State Forest and Forest Reserve, the beautiful, rare and endangered Wongi waterholes are fringed by paperbarks and rushes are surrounded by eucalypt forest and exotic pine plantations. Wongi Water are situated in the Lake Lenthalls catchment which provides the water supply for Hervey Bay. Camping under shady eucalypt trees at Wongi recreation area is permitted. You can enjoy a picnic by the waterholes, which are stained golden brown from paperbarks.

For details on the environmental impacts of the failure of the Crest Gates in February and June 2008 and Wide Bay Water Corporations management of the crest gate failure please refer to; http://rogercurrie.wordpress.com/wongi-waterholes-june-innundation/.

For information relating to the hundreds of healthy Bass killed on 10 October 2008 at the Burrum No 1 Weir please refer to http://rogercurrie.wordpress.com/2008/10/10/burrum-river-fish-kill-waterpark/

For futher reading realting to the automated dam gates failure and the innudation of Wongi Waterholes in February and June 2008 please refer to http://rogercurrie.wordpress.com/2008/06/14/wongi-and-the-gates-of-hell/ - 35k

For further reading relating to the Wongi Waterholes innundations and the consequential breach of the Queensland Water Act 2000, please refer to http://rogercurrie.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/report1.pdf (Wide Bay Water Corporation Contravention Section 813 (1) Queensland Water Resources Act 2000.



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