Hervey Bay Community Cabinet

Queensland Premier Bligh’s Fraser Coast Community Cabinet  Hervey Bay

The family members who were stranded in February 2008 when Wide Bay Water Corporations dam gates failed to operate as designed met with the Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and the Deputy Premier Paul Lucas at the Fraser Coast Community Cabinet on Sunday 29 June 2008 at Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast.

Premier Anna Bligh made promises with respect to having the dam gates fixed and addressing the safety issues and mediation/ relocation of the flood affected house.  In spite of confirmation of the Lenthalls Dam gate failure and the risks acknowledged in correspondence, little has been done, even though almost a year has past.

The affected family are still waiting on Wide Bay Water Corporation to include relevant emergency contact details on the Lenthalls Dam Emergency Action Plan.

It seems that Queensland Government Dam Safety has made little impact with polite requests to Wide Bay Water Corporation. 

Further affected members of public located in the townships of Howard and Torbanlea area have not yet been issued with inundation maps or evacuation plans.  

In spite of numerous phone calls and emails to the Honourable Craig Wallace and his senior staff regarding the promises that they would follow up and implement mediation regarding the relocation of the flood affected farm house nothing has been done. 

IDSM have mailed a brochure to the residents of Howard and Torbanlea who are below Lenthals Dam  to raise the awareness of the potential risk of innudation due to dam failure as neither Wide Bay Water Corporation and the Queensland Government seem to consider that these residents need to be aware of the potential risk that Lenthalls Dam could pose to residents living downstreaming who could be affected by flooding and innundation. 

History shows that it best to be prepared for an event rather than cleaning up a diaster area.  Wouldn't you like to know if you are in a innundation mapping area of a dam?  

Please click on the link to see the brochure


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